News 2007

Stange, Norway


Collchows Mitch

CERT, BIR & BIG 3 i Norge/

CC, BOB & Group 3:rd in Norway

Thanks to the judges

Zvi Kupferberg and Zoran Brancovik


Collchows Big Mac

Collchows Big Mac "Hampus"

CERT & 2:a Bästahane i Norge/

CC & Second Best male in Norway

Collchows Michelin

Bästa tikvalp 4-6 månader/Best female puppy 4-6 month

Thank you to the judge

Seamus Oates


Congratulation on yours 2 years birthday

Tasty, Big Mac, Chili & Happy

Collchows Mitch
Årets Shih-Tzu valp 2006/Best puppy of the year 2006

Collchows Marion

2:a Årets Shih-Tzu valp 2006/Second Best puppy of the year 2006


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Thank you to the judges who has appreciate our dogs